Taking Toto to Lucca

My mum and dad have been to Italy several times, and when they go away they leave me with my auntie and uncle. The last time they left me was in March, for a whole three months! I was not impressed to start with, but love staying with my Auntie Di and Uncle John, so I soon forgot about them. I happily got myself into a different routine with them, as they both work, so Pedro (their doggie son) and I have to look after each other during the day.

When they returned home my mum didn’t go back to work, and both of them started talking about moving to Italy for a whole year. Instantly, I assumed I would be back at Pedro’s house with my auntie and uncle, where I get the best food cause my auntie is a fabulous cook and they both love desserts and little evening snacks, which they share with me and Pedro.

Then suddenly I overheard Mum and Dad talking about me going with them – to Italy – provided they got their Italian Visa! And so I should, you might say.

Toto with magazine

I overheard Mum and Dad talking about me going with them to Italy.

But first of all, let me tell you about myself. I am a six-year-old, 3.5kg, Chihuahua/Pomeranian cross female doggie, and my name – thanks to Mum and Dad’s grand-daughters, Tara and Siena – is Toto.

I have been told that it’s ‘a dog’s life’ in Italy, and they will all love me if I hold down on the barking. I am cute and I love my mum and dad and it would be such fun living on the other side of the world where I have been told they welcome doggies into café, restaurants, shops, etc. It’s not like here in Australia, where it’s impossible for dogs to snuggle inside a café on a cold winter’s day. I am lucky my mum puts a jacket on me and lets me cuddle up on her lap as we sit outside cafés shivering while they sip their coffee just because of me.

I know it is going to be expensive for me to just get there. Supposed to cost more than one business class airfare that Mum has always dreamt of, but she is willing to forego that dream so Dad can experience life with his best friend walking around the wall in the beautiful Tuscan village of Lucca.

I have to be super healthy to travel and also have a rabies shot before I leave Australia. It has been decided that I will go with a reputable company called ‘JetPets’. They took my friend Gus to Paris a couple of years back and were very kind to him, although he got sick before he left Oz and once he got there had all sorts of health problems, so I am hoping things go smoothly for me.

For the flight, I have to spend quite a bit of time in a cage that’s big enough for me to stand up in. Problem is, I don’t like cages. When I was born I was unfortunate enough to live for the first eight months with people who mistreated me and I was very lucky to end up at the ‘Lost Dogs Home’ where my dad picked me out of a line-up of unwanted doggies one Christmas, six years ago.

My life has been a dream since the day he said he would take me home with him. He is always telling me that I am his very best friend. I know how lucky I am and now it looks like I will be given the opportunity to experience a dog’s life in Lucca.

So, watch this space and see how I go with Mum and Dad, who are telling me that I am going to LOVE living in Lucca!

Written by Sue Perry for and on behalf of Toto

Edited by Michele Perry of Wordplay Editing Services